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Attendance & Student Performance

Attendance & Student Performance

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Students are expected to regularly attend all classes for which they are registered. Valid reasons for missing classes do not relieve the student of making up the work missed or the responsibility of seeing the instructor about making up any missed work. Participating in chat sessions, lectures and/or postings to a discussion link may be considered attendance for online courses. Specific class attendance requirements are determined by the instructor of the course.

Students making satisfactory progress in their classes will be excused from classes when they are representing LCC during college-sponsored events (e.g., sponsored student-organization functions, educational field trips, baseball/softball games and conferences). Authorized absences do not relieve the student of his or her class responsibilities. Prior written notice of the authorized absence will be provided to the instructor by the sponsoring faculty, staff coach or director.

When the number of absences hinders a student’s progress in a course, the instructor may contact the Academic Director. The Academic Director and Faculty can make recommendation of retention or expulsion from the class. Additionally, a student may be removed from a class for engaging in behavior that interferes with the educational environment of the class. Any student who has been removed from a class shall have the right to appeal that decision through the ACCESS Center and the Vice President of Instruction.

Only enrolled students for credit or for audit are permitted to attend classes. A student who has officially withdrawn from a course cannot continue to attend the course.


Students are responsible for achieving academic and course goals and objectives as prescribed by their instructors and for demonstrating achievement in an honest manner. Misrepresentation of knowledge can influence a course grade or determination of satisfactory fulfillment of an academic requirement. The following acts, or any other acts of academic dishonesty, compromise the integrity of the academic process and academic community and are subject to disciplinary action:

Plagiarism which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Offering the ideas, words, sentences, or parts of another person’s writings without giving appropriate credit and representing the work as one’s own, including quotations or identical expressions of material from books, reference works, and encyclopedias
  • Undocumented World Wide Web source usage
  • Submitting a paper purchased from a research or term paper service, including the Internet
Cheating which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Use of materials, notes, information, or study aids not permitted by the instructor during tests, quizzes, or other graded in-class activities
  • Use of electronic equipment including cell phones, PDA’s, and calculators not authorized by the instructor
  • Unauthorized possession of examinations, quizzes, or instructor records
  • Obtaining information during an examination or obtaining an assignment from another individual and/or assisting others in cheating
  • Alteration of grades on an examination, assignment, or records of an instructor or the college

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