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Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

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The purpose of these policies and procedures is to encourage computer use at LCC and to regulate computer use as necessary to protect individual privacy, to provide an equitable sharing of limited resources, to maintain standardization with the college assets, and to promote responsibility in the use of LCC’s computer systems.


The LCC Computer and Information Services Department provides computer services to faculty, staff and students as well as a limited number of outside clients of LCC. All computer users have two basic rights–privacy and a fair share of the resources.

All computer users have the responsibility to use the LCC computer systems in a respectful, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. The ethical and legal standards that are to be maintained are derived directly from standards of common sense and common decency that apply to the use of any public resource within LCC.

LCC’s policy for use of its computing facilities is based on the US Copyright Law and the laws of the State of New Mexico Computer Crimes Act: Sections 30-45-1 to 30-45-7, NM Statutes Annotated (1978). This policy incorporates the definitions in the law, provides guidelines for appropriate use of computers and outlines the administrative procedures that will be imposed on any computer users who fail to comply with the policy.

The following policies, rules and conditions apply to all users of LCC computer services. Violations of any of these conditions are considered a violation of LCC policy and will be treated as such. LCC views the use of computer facilities as a privilege–not a right — and seeks to protect legitimate computer users by imposing sanctions on those who abuse the privilege. Eliminating computer abuse provides more computing resources for users with legitimate computing needs.


In accordance with established LCC practices, violations may result in disciplinary action, which could lead to expulsion from LCC, temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges, or dismissal from a position and/or legal action. All computer users have a right to appeal any disciplinary action through established college procedures.

The following provisions, which apply to all use of computer and network interconnections owned or administered by LCC, including campus-wide computer facilities, govern computer users.

Computer users shall:

  • Respect the intended use of accounts established for their use;
  • Respect the integrity of LCC’s computer systems and networks;
  • Respect the privacy of other computer users;
  • Respect the rules and regulations governing the use of facilities and equipment;
  • Respect the proprietary rights of software owners and comply with all copyright laws.

The Computer and Information Services is responsible for administering these policies and procedures, with oversight by the LCC President. The policies will be reviewed at least every two years and modified and approved as necessary.

Acceptable Use of the Internet and Campus Networks

Computer users shall respect the intended use of user accounts established for their use. The departments, divisions, and other authorized units of LCC give authorization for the use of accounts for specific academic, administrative or other authorized purposes.

Computer accounts are the property of LCC and are to be used only for LCC related work. The contents of LCC’s accounts shall be the property of the authorized user, subject to applicable LCC copyright, intellectual property policies, and applicable federal and state laws. If staff feels that the integrity of the system is threatened, access by the Computer and Information Services Department staff to information within these accounts may be granted by the system administrators.

In other cases, authorization for non-authorized user access shall be sought from the vice president to whom the account user reports. The respective vice president shall notify the account user in writing. If the user is a student currently enrolled in a computer science course, the student’s instructor should also be notified.

Prohibited are attempts to:

  • Defeat the security systems of any LCC computer;
  • Circumvent the account system;
  • Use an account without authorization; or
  • Use accounts for other than their intended purposes.

Use of an account which invades the rights of privacy or which misappropriates the data or files of others may subject the wrongdoer to both criminal and civil liability. LCC reserves the right to bar a computer user from an account if the designated LCC officials determine impropriety.

LCC reserves the right to limit a computer user’s session if there are insufficient resources or if the user is determined by the designated authorities to be acting in an irresponsible or unlawful manner. LCC also reserves the right to cancel, restart or place on hold a job, process or program to protect or to improve system performance if necessary.

Computer users shall respect the integrity of the system. Computer users shall not intentionally develop or use programs or engage in behaviors that harass other computer users, infiltrate the system or damage the software or hardware components of the system. Uses of the network to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files, illegal activities, or files dangerous to the integrity of the network are prohibited.

Computer users shall use great care to ensure that they do not use programs or utilities that interfere with other computer users, infiltrate the system, modify the system, modify an account or damage computer data. This includes all network connections.

Network connections shall be used only as permitted in network guidelines (e.g., INTERNET, BITNET). The use of any unauthorized or destructive program or access may result in legal civil, and/or criminal action for damages by any injured party, including LCC.

LCC acknowledges the value of academic program development, research on computer security, and the investigation of self-replicating code (VIRUS). However, LCC and each computer user have the responsibility to use each of the computers systems, which are public property, in a manner related to the educational process for which they are intended. Individuals who wish to use LCC computer facilities for these purposes must plan and consult with CISD. Limitations may be imposed on these activities to minimize the effects. Restrictions on computer security and self-replicating code are defined in a manner that protects LCC and individual computing environments, but does not restrict or limit legitimate academic pursuits. Students must create an LCC Student Account in order to obtain access to the LCC network, software applications, Internet, and a personalized drive.

The value of all computer usage depends on the availability and integrity of the system. Any defect discovered in system accounting or system security is to be immediately reported to the Computer and Information Services Department, so that steps can be taken to investigate and resolve the problem. The cooperation of all users is needed to ensure prompt action. The integrity of the system is maintained by password protection of accounts. A computer user who has been authorized to use an account may be subject to both civil and criminal liability if the user discloses the password or makes the account available to unauthorized persons without permission.

Use of electronic communication utilities (such as e-mail, chat rooms, and CARS MAIL) to transmit fraudulent, harassing, obscene, indecent, profane, intimidating, or other unlawful messages is prohibited by state and federal law. Loading or intentional receipt of hate mail, harassment, and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited on the network. Also, the electronic communications facilities are not to be used for the transmission of commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, and destructive programs or for any other unauthorized use.

Computer users shall respect the privacy of other computer users. Computer users shall not intentionally seek, provide, modify information in, gain access to accounts or obtain copies of files, programs, or passwords belonging to other computer users without the permission of those other computer users. This includes all system files and accounts.

The LCC system provides mechanisms for the protection of private information from examination by others. Attempts to circumvent these mechanisms in order to gain unauthorized access to the system and or to private information are unlawful and will be treated as a violation of LCC policy. Searching through non-public directories, libraries or any other storage media to find unauthorized information is also a violation.

Computer users, when requested in writing, shall cooperate with system administrators in investigations of system abuse. Users are encouraged to report suspected abuse, especially any damage to or problems with their files. LCC recognizes that files and mail messages are confidential; however, authorized LCC employees may access computer users’ files at any time during system maintenance and report suspected unlawful or improper activities through the proper channels.

Computer users shall respect the rules and regulations governing the use of facilities and equipment. LCC departments and divisions may have specific rules and regulations that govern the use of computer data, equipment and facilities. They may have operators, consultants, and/or supervisors who are given the responsibility to supervise and manage access to department and division computer data and resources. The user’s cooperation with these individuals and adherence to LCC policies are expected at all times. Students are encouraged to utilize the support services of CISD or lab staff; however, obtaining program code from the labs, CISD or other staff, when forbidden by an instructor, is prohibited.

Reasonable personal use shall be allowed, provided such use does not interfere with academic use. All such improper uses cannot be anticipated or listed here, but examples may be:

  • Playing computer games when such use would interfere with the availability of facilities and academic use;
  • Commercial activities or advertising;
  • Libelous statements that would damage a person;
  • Dissemination of licensed software;
  • Invasion or violation of personal privacy or WWW personal home pages which could reasonably be misconstrued to be official representations of LCC.

Use of official LCC logos on such pages, without express written consent of LCC, is prohibited. LCC cannot accept responsibility for personal home page content.

Computer users shall respect the proprietary rights of software. All software are protected by copyright shall not be copied except as specifically stipulated by the owner of the copyright, or the original software is clearly identified as “shareware” or in the public domain. Protected software is not to be copied into, from, or by an LCC facility or system, excepting by license. This means that such computer and microcomputer software may only be copied in order to create backup copies, if so licensed. The number of copies and distribution of the copies may not be done in such a way that the number of simultaneous users in a department exceeds the number of original copies purchased unless otherwise stipulated in the purchase.

Attributions of authorship will follow the copyright rules for material obtained via the network. Users will not install software or the network or individual computers; only the network administrator can authorize installation of software.

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