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Grading Standard

Grading Standard

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Theory and non-credit laboratory corequisites will be averaged into one final grade value. Only final grades become part of the student’s permanent record. LCC uses the following grading system:

Grade Scale Letter Grade Description Quality Points Per Credit Hour
90 – 100 A Excellent 4
80 – 89 B Above Average 2
70-79 C Average 2
60-69 D Below Average 1
59 and below F Failure 0
W Withdrawal 0
S Satisfactory 0
N/A U Unsatisfactory 0
I Incomplete 0
AU Audit 0

Note: A grade of “D” is accepted in some general education requirements for certificates and associate degrees. This does not apply to prerequisite and proficiency courses. The Nursing Department adheres to a different grading scale than what is outlined above. Please refer to the Nursing Student Handbook.

AU – Audit

No credit is earned for the course.

CR – Credit

CR is used to reflect transfer credit accepted by LCC from other post-secondary institutions and in cases where a student earns academic credit via a specialized placement exam, credit by exam, Advanced Placement, or CLEP.

I – Incomplete

An “I” is given at the discretion of the instructor only when circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent final completion of work within the established time and when that student’s academic and performance standing is satisfactory in the course for which the “I” is sought. The following conditions must be adhered to in assigning an incomplete:

  • An “I” will only be granted during the final two weeks of the fall and spring semesters and during the last week of the summer session
  • An “I” must never be submitted by faculty to avoid assigning a D, F or U grade if the student’s academic performance fails to meet course objectives/competencies
  • An “I” is not granted in cases where the student has been absent for a significant portion of the course
  • The instructor submits an “I” grade at the same time that final grades are due
  • The instructor reports the “I” and files an Incomplete Grade form with the Office of the Registrar documenting the work required and any other conditions
  • The instructor will set a terminal date for completion of the “I” not to exceed the end of the 6th week of the subsequent term
  • An “I” not changed by the instructor with the Office of the Registrar within one week of the terminal date, will automatically be converted to a failing grade
  • When the “I” is converted, the student’s permanent record will reflect the grade, its grade points, and an adjusted semester/cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • An “I” grade will be converted to a failing grade if a student re-enrolls in a course in which an active “I” grade is present on their academic transcript
IP - In Progress

This grade is limited to an approved course that signifies current enrollment and/or for a course that extends beyond the end of a normal term. No academic credit is earned until the course is completed and a grade is posted.

NR - Not Received/Reported

Grade not reported to the Office of the Registrar by the instructor.

S/U - Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

S = grade of “C” or better. Used in proficiency ratings in practical settings or clinical areas. “S/U” grading is also used for selected courses. Students receiving an “S” grade may earn credit hours, but it does not compute in the GPA. “U” grades are computed in the GPA.

W – Withdrawal

Regulations for course withdrawal are listed above in the Changes in Enrollment policy.

WV - Waived Requirement

Used in instances when a program requirement has been waived as a result of specialized training or other documented circumstances. Waiving a course requires approval by the Vice President of Instruction and/or the Registrar.


In most cases, students may repeat any course without obtaining special permission. Each course enrollment and its grade will appear on the transcript. The last grade earned will be used to determine fulfillment of graduation requirements and to calculate the adjusted cumulative grade point average as long as it is the identical course abbreviation and course number. This policy is not applicable to directed study courses and when course abbreviations and numbers change as a result of new programs and/or program revisions. Certain forms of financial assistance, including VA benefits, will not provide assistance to students repeating courses that have been completed successfully. Compliance with such regulations is the responsibility of the student.

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