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Learning Activities & Administrative Directives

Learning Activities & Administrative Directives

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Extra-Institutional Learning Activities

A basic premise held by the college is that permitting students to participate in “Extra-Institutional Learning Activities” should serve to enhance and broaden their training potential.

Students participating in “Extra-Institutional Learning Activities” will be treated as excused and grades will not be affected, provided that the missing work is satisfactorily made up under the instructor’s approval and supervision.

All college related trips and/or activities (whether on or off campus) must be coordinated through the appropriate academic director and vice president. Trips and/or activities must be cleared ten (10) school days prior to the scheduled event. An approved “Extra-Institutional Learning Activity” form must be submitted to the Executive Director for Budget and Finance along with release of liability forms and all other supporting documentation at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled activity.

Specific procedures relative to activity, date, location, transportation, and release of liability, proper signatures by responsible parties, and other items are contained with the Extra-Institutional Learning Activity Request Forms. These forms are available at the Office of the Vice President for Student Support Services.

The academic director and the appropriate LCC sponsor(s) of the approved trip/activity will be responsible for reporting student participation and attendance to all appropriate instructors.

Official Administrative Directives

Student absences that are a result of official administrative directives will be treated as excused absences and shall not affect grades, provided that the missing work is satisfactorily made up under the instructor’s supervision.

Legal, Military and Other Call to Duty Obligations

Absences resulting from jury duty, military or other call to duty obligations will be treated on an individual basis by the academic vice president and will be asked upon based on the duration of the absence.

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