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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


This program is an interdisciplinary course of study in the areas of law enforcement, substantive law, court structure and process, and corrections as integral components of the criminal justice system. An emphasis is placed on the historical, psychological, sociological, and political aspects within criminal justice.

Coursework in the Criminal Justice Certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their LCC advisor for proper advisement and course selection.

Institutional Proficiency Requirements

In addition to the courses listed below for this program of study, students must also complete institutional proficiencies of ENG098 and MATH075.

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Certificate Requirements - Minimum of 36 Credit Hours Print Requirements

Program Requirements       (15 hours)
CJ111 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 credits
CJ200 Professional Ethics 3 credits
CJ201 Criminal Law 3 credits
CJ233 Report Writing and Documentation 3 credits
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
Related Studies       (9 hours)
Corrections Concentration
CJ121 Introduction to Corrections 3 credits
CJ205 Probation, Parole and Community Corrections 3 credits
CJ215 Juvenile Justice System 3 credits
Law Enforcement
CJ131 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 credits
CJ231 Criminal Investigation 3 credits
CJ225 Criminal Procedure 3 credits
Approved Electives       (12 hours)
ANTH221Cultures of the World 3 credits
CJ210 Deviant Behavior 3 credits
*CJ121 Introduction to Corrections 3 credits
*CJ131 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 credits
*CJ205 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections 3 credits
CJ210 Deviant Behavior 3 credits
*CJ215Juvenile Justice System 3 credits
*CJ225 Criminal Procedure 3 credits
*CJ231 Criminal Investigation 3 credits
CSA150 Computer Fundamentals 3 credits
POLS151American National Government 3 credits
PSYC101Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
SPAN101Beginning Spanish I 3 credits

*If a student selects the Corrections Concentration, then the Law Enforcement Concentration courses will be approved electives. If a student selects the Law Enforcement Concentration, then the Corrections Concentration courses will be approved electives.

Criminal Justice Certificate Curriculum Profile 2012-2015

Gainful Employment Criminal Justice Information

Program Resources

Program Director: Dr. Anita Roybal
Phone: (505)454-2565
Email: anroybal@luna.edu
Program Advisor: Cindy Armijo
Phone: (505)454-2588
Email: carmijo@luna.edu

ACCESS Center Personnel

Director: Renee Maestas
Phone: (505)454-5355
Email: rmaestas@luna.edu
Advisor: Janice Medrano
Phone: (505)454-2546
Email: jmedrano@luna.edu

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