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Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)


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August 4, 2023

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Kimberly Baca

Adapt Experience Learn

Experiential Learning Classroom

Training priorities focus on fully interactive scenarios developed from post-activity reconstruction of actual law enforcement incidents. The integration of extensive video footage allows realistic simulation of the actual event, as it actually happened.

Rough Rider LETC

Partnering with Law Enforcement, the LETC provides interactive, accessible and innovative training. Using the VirTra simulators, officers can accurately and safely enact hundreds of situations.

Training Opportunities

Luna’s Law Enforcement Training Center provides training and practice time for agencies and individuals, offering biennial training and certification classes for a multitude of law enforcement courses.

  • Hate Crimes, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence Training, First Aid, CPR and Missing Persons/AMBER Alert Training.

  • Ensuring Child Safety after Arrest, Interaction with Persons with Mental Impairments and Fire Arms training.

  • Safe Pursuit, Tourniquet & Trauma Kit, DWI/SFST training.

Our Goal Is Accessibility

Providing Law Enforcement with customizable, real-world driving, shooting and community interaction scenarios, the Rough Rider LETC experience allows officers to make
critical decisions in an instructional and safe environment, decreasing risk to officers and community alike. It is the only site in the nation offering both driving and shooting simulators.

What we Offer

V-300 Firearms Simulator

Participants practice in a 5 screen environment with over 350 training scenarios. Customizable for each agency, this training is designed to give participants the experience they need. From de-escalation techniques to practice situations that develop decision-making skills under pressure, participants practice and master important skills.

Special Training Classes

Luna’s Law Enforcement Training Center provides training to agencies and individuals throughout the southwest United States, leading to better-trained and safer law enforcement and first responders. Practice time is also available for individuals and groups.

Practice time is also available for individuals and groups.