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Start your career in dental assisting today!

Luna's Wildfire Resiliency Training Center has launched and is committed to students

Adobe making days at Luna scheduled for June 15 and June 22

Former student Gladis Romero says Luna opened doors for her

Although Gladis Romero first attended Luna in the fall of 2017, she remains grateful for what the college has done…

BOT Meeting - Tuesday, June 11, 2024 @ 10:00am

Notice Agenda …

Luna Community College’s Future Rough Rider Mentorship and College-Readiness Program

Summer classes begin on Monday, June 3; last day to register is Friday, June 7

Luna’s physical plant department has worked diligently to prepare the campus for the first day of summer classes which begins…

Pursue your education at Luna Community College!

Luna's Community Kitchen!

Enroll is Luna's summer classes today!