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Message from the Vice President of Instruction

Dear Students, Faculty, and Community Partners,

I’d like to welcome each and every one of you to Luna Community College (LCC).

My dedication to this College includes ensuring the development and enhancement of high quality instruction and programs through ongoing review and assessment. As a representative of this College, I seek to be inclusive and to positively contribute to your educational experience and its workforce opportunities.

As the Accreditation Liaison officer (ALO) for the institution, I receive communications from the Higher Learning Commission, our accreditation agency, regarding policies, procedures, and professional development opportunities. Our accreditation designation is on the home page of our website, however, we also have an Accreditation web page that updates the campus and community regarding our accreditation.

Please visit our academic snapshots regarding staff and faculty experiences and the campus Luna Light which provides more detailed news across the campus.

Whether you are a student, a faculty member, or a community partner, your experience at Luna Community College is important to us. Luna offers a Feedback opportunity on the Luna home page. You can also contact me or my office if you have any questions or simply wish to talk about educational possibilities at LCC.

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Kenneth Patterson , EdD
Vice President of Instruction
505-454-5387, ext. 1013

Mary Duran
Executive Assistant for Instruction
505-454-2567, ext. 1014