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Institutional Research

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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research (OIER) provides timely and accurate analytical information about the College to both our internal and external constituents, for executive decision making and policy development. OIER is the primary source for current and historical data about student enrollment, demographics, and outcomes. We coordinate these services in an objective, systematic, and thorough manner, in direct support of the College’s Strategic Plan.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research will be recognized within the College for facilitating a culture of evidence-based decision-making and promoting institutional improvement.

Departmental Values:

  • Professional Ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Confidentiality


The Office accomplishes its goals by:

  • Providing descriptive and predictive statistical information to the college, governmental authorities, accrediting bodies, and other key stakeholders.
  • Providing reports for informed decision making that is unbiased and of the highest quality.
  • Compiling, analyzing, interpreting, and modeling data that supports institutional strategic initiatives, promotes accountability, and fosters a data-driven culture.
  • Providing relevant and accurate data to the college community.
  • Designing, disseminating, and analyzing numerous institutional surveys.

College Navigator

National Center for Educational Statistics

Enrollment Charts

Retention Charts

Graduation Charts

Degrees Awarded

Federal, State, and Institutional Data Reports

College Surveys

Internal Surveys

External Surveys

  • Common Data Set

Accreditation by Department

Allied Health
School of Business

HLC Institutional Focused Visit Report Evidence

5 D Academic Department Reviews
5 D Facilities Master Plan 2021-2025
Concourse Syllabus Management
Board of Trustees Annual Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy Acknowledgement Form
New Mexico Higher Education Department Board of Trustees Training January 7, 2020
Board of Trustees Good Faith Resolution
Block Schedule Instructions
Carnegie Block Schedule
Memo of Appreciation
Fee Structure Revision
Assessment Calendar
NMHED Expenditure Reduction Strategy
Retention and Completion Master Plan
Facilities Master Plan
FMP Project Schedule 2020
3Y IT Strategic Plan
FY2018-19 Annual Audit
Express Yourself Poster
Accounting Faculty Open Position
General Business Open Faculty Position
History Faculty Open Position
Media Arts Faculty Open Position
Diversity and Workforce Development Director Position
Scheduling and Catalog Specialist Open Position
Suspension of Media Arts and Film Technology Program
Select Spring 2020 Course Learning Outcome Reviews and Continuous Improvement Forms
Safety Plan
Community Action Board Minutes 2019 School of Nursing
Community Action Board Minutes Early Childhood and Teacher Education
Community Action Board Minutes Vocational Education
Community Action Board Minutes School of Business
Community Action Board Minutes School of Nursing
Select Fall 2019 Course Learning Outcome Reviews and Continuous Improvement Forms
Annual Appraisal of the President’s Performance and Effectiveness
Shared Governance Issue Request Forms by Status
Curriculum Profile, Program Requirements & Mappings
Luna Community College Annual Schedule of Board of Trustees Training
College Scorecard Comparison Flyer
Suspension of Culinary Arts/Electrical Wiring Program
College Scorecard Campus Orientation
Annual Academic Self-Assessments
Select Spring 2020 Course Learning Outcome Reviews and Continuous Improvement Forms
FY19-20 Strategic Budgeting Tools
Suspension of Business Programs
HLC Accreditation Work Session
Departmental Usage of College Scorecard Data
5Y Comprehensive Course Fee Projections
New Mexico Open Meetings Act and Inspection of Public Records Act Compliance Workshop
Long-Term Sustainability Plan
Shared Governance Productivity by Tier
Luna Community College Foundation Documents Cover Letter
Luna Community College Foundation Signed and Notarized Bylaws
Luna Community College Foundation March 5, 2020 Minutes
School of Business Alumni Survey Results
Luna Community College Foundation Signed MOU
Luna Community College Perkins V Articulation

Requests for Data

OIER provides institutional information on our website. Prior to submitting your request for institutional data, please search through the informational reports listed above.

If you did not find the data you were searching for on our website, you will have to complete and submit a “Request for Information Form”. It is best to plan ahead and provide us with as much information and notice as possible when requesting information. If needed, someone from the OIER will contact you to discuss your request in more detail.

When requesting large datasets and trend data for external analysis, please be aware that they require considerable time and effort to prepare. Requests for information may take up to a few days or several weeks which depends on the complexity of your request, the availability of information, and the workload of the OIRR staff at the time of your request. Likewise, data requests that are an institutional priority may delay your request. The data that we use for reporting is owned by other departments on campus and contains highly confidential and sensitive information.

Complete all sections of the Data Request Form and submit it along with any supporting documentation that can assist us in completing your request promptly. Save or print a copy of the form for your records. Submit your request to OIRR.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Maria Paiz Administration Building
Room: AD-107
OIER Staff

Institutional Research & Reporting Director: Greg Salazar

Phone: (505)454-5351 Ext. 1604

SIS/ERP Administrator: Denise Gibson

Phone: (505)454-2547 Ext. 1161