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Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Overview

Academic Assessment

General Education

General education at Luna is articulated through the New Mexico General Education website, which includes models and rubrics for assessment.

Six specific general education essential skills are identified. Luna is focusing on Communication, Critical Thinking, and Information & Digital Literacy in its three-year assessment review.

Completed general education assessment plans are due Summer 2019 as requested statewide.

Allied Health

2017-18 Allied Health Department Report
2017-18 Allied Health AAS Program
2017-18 Allied Health Certificate Program
2017-18 Dental Assistant Certificate Program
2017-18 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program


2017-18 School of Business Report
2017-18 Accounting AAS Program
2017-18 Business Administration AAS Program
2017-18 Business Management Certificate
2017-18 General Business AAS Program


2017-18 Education Department Report
2017-18 Teacher Education AA Program
2017-18 Early Childhood Education (FIT) AA Program
2017-18 Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3) AA Program
2017-18 Early Childhood Development Certificate Program


2017-18 Humanities Report
2017-18 Criminal Justice AAS Program
2017-18 Criminal Justice Certificate Program
2017-18 General Education Certificate Program
2017-18 General Studies AAS Program
2017-18 Liberal Arts AA Program
2017-18 Media Arts & Film Technology AAS Program


2017-18 Nursing Department Report
2017-18 Nursing AAS Program


2017-18 Computer Science AAS Program
2017-18 General Science AAS Program
2017-18 Mathematics AAS Program
2017-18 Pre-Engineering AAS Program


2017-18 Vocational Trades Report
2017-18 Automotive Collision Repair Technology Certificate
2017-18 Automotive Technology Certificate
2017-18 Barbering Certificate
2017-18 Building Technology Certificate
2017-18 CDL Program Commercial Driver’s Licensing Class A
2017-18 Cosmetology Certificate
2017-18 Welding Technology Certificate

Fall 2018 Student Learning Outcomes

Fall 2018 Learning Outcomes - Part 1
Fall 2018 Learning Outcomes - Part 2

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA)


SLOA SP2017 Part 1 - Unavailable

SLOA SP2017 Part 2

SLOA SP2017 Part 3

SLOA SP2017 Part 4

SLOA SP2017 Part 5

Improving Student Learning

Spring 2015 Report

Fall 2014 Report

Summer 2014 Report

Spring 2014 Report

Fall 2013 Report

Summer 2013 Report

Spring 2013 Report

Fall 2012 Report

Summer 2012 Report

Spring 2012 Report

Fall 2011 Report

Summer 2011 Report

Spring 2011 Report

Fall 2010 Report

Summer 2010 Report

Spring 2010 Report

Standard Minimal Requirements for Course Syllabus