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Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment Program

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Dual credit refers to enrollment of high school students in college-level courses offered by a post-secondary institution, either academic transfer or career technical, for which
the students may earn credit towards both high school graduation and a post-secondary degree or certificate.

Concurrent enrollment refers to enrollment of high school students in courses at the post-secondary level that are not designated as dual credit. These courses may include credit, non-credit, academic transfer, career technical or developmental courses. Each high school determines the courses it accepts for high school credit. Students must contact their high school counselors for information regarding high school credit for courses taken from Luna.

All Luna Community Courses are open to dual credit students. However, all students must meet prerequisites if the courses have one. An advisor or HS Counselor can assist in this area. It is important that the student asks if there are any courses offered at their high school, as this changes often.

Luna Community College serves school districts primarily from the Northeastern sector of the state including:

  • Cimarron High School
  • Maxwell High School
  • Mora High School
  • Pecos High School
  • Raton High School
  • Robertson High School
  • Santa Rosa High School
  • Springer High School
  • Wagon Mound High School
  • West Las Vegas High School

Benefits for Dual Credit Students

The Dual Credit program:

  • provides tremendous savings for the ever-increasing burden of paying for college, by offering free tuition to all seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who qualify. In
    addition, books are supplied by your high school. Students are responsible for class fees, supplies, PE, and/or audit courses.
  • brings college directly to students who would otherwise never imagine going to college.
  • affords you with the opportunity to earn a certificate or associate degree while in high school
  • let’s you enroll for courses right at your high school or get a better college experience and attend the LCC main campus.
  • provides you with free tutoring services in Math and English, through the STEM program and the Reading lab respectfully.
  • offers you the opportunity to finish the General Core requirements, which are transferable to any four-year institution within the state of New Mexico.
  • graduate from high school at a higher rate than their peers,
  • are better prepared for college,
  • are more likely to receive a technical education,
  • require less first-semester remediation in college, and
  • are more likely to obtain a college degree within four years.

Student Eligibility Requirements for Dual Credit Enrollment

To apply to the Dual Credit Program, you must:

  • have not yet received a high school diploma or high school equivalency credential (GED), and
  • be enrolled as a second semester freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior at an accredited public or private high school, and
  • meet the College’s eligibility requirements

Private School Students

To apply to the Dual Credit Program, you must:

  • have a state-issued student ID number (STARSID), if you don’t have one please contact Dual Credit Office at LCC 505-454-5308, and
  • have not already received a high school diploma or high school equivalency credential(GED), and
  • be enrolled as a second semester freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, and
  • meet the College’s eligibility requirements

Home School Students

To apply to the Dual Credit Program, you must:

  • be under 18 years of age to be eligible for Dual Credit, and
  • show home school registration with the New Mexico Public Education Department,
  • have a state-issued student ID number (STARSID), if you don’t have one please contact your high school or the school district office for your state issued Student ID# (STARS
    ID or Uniq-ID)
  • have not already received a high school diploma or high school equivalency credential (GED), and
  • meet the College’s eligibility requirements.

Important things to remember:

  • Use a black or blue ink pen when filling out applications/documents.
  • The Dual Credit Request form is available online, from the school counselor or any Satellite/Site office.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to acquire all required signatures and to fully complete the student information sections of all forms (e.g. LCC ID, STARS #, SSN #, GPA, date of birth etc.).
  • Only original forms should be submitted, incomplete and copies of the forms will not be accepted.
  • A student is officially registered for courses when they receive a printed schedule and clear for class.
  • All required forms are available online, at your school, Dual Credit office on the main campus, and any of the Satellite/Site offices.

Prior to the start of a college semester, visit with your high school counselor make a Next Step Plan, then review the semester Course Schedule. Only select courses that fit into your high school schedule and discuss your eligibility for Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment with the LCC Advisors. Students may take courses in the fall, spring, and/or summer semester. Students, in the second semester of their Freshman year, may take one course, then two per semester after that, if successful.

Select a Program/Pathway offered through the LCC Dual Credit Program; choose courses that apply toward that selected pathway;

Dual Credit / Concurrent Enrollment Students

STEP I - Get Admitted to Luna (Apply)

  • Complete the online Admissions Application and bring/email an Official High School Transcript to Admissions Office, (skip this step if you are already admitted/have an LCC
    Student ID#).
  • Call or come in to Student Success Center to schedule your ACCUPLACER.

STEP II - Schedule and Take ACCUPLACER

  • Take the ACCUPLACER placement exam (skip if you have taken the ACT/SAT test);
  • Take a copy of your ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER scores to an advisor or school counselor;

STEP III – Visit the Dual Credit Advisors

  • Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form or Dual Credit Request Form, and visit the Student Success Center for academic advisement and signature/approval; (MAKE SURE ALL FORMS ARE COMPLETELY FILLED AND HAVE APPROPRIATE SIGNATURES)

  • Deliver your Registration page to Registrar’s desk; and

  • Pick up a copy of your class schedule from the Cashier or Fiscal Office, at the same time

  • Make arrangements for paying the fees associated with taking classes at Luna.

Developmental Courses

Students who do not place into college-level courses with the ACCUPLACER test, are encouraged to take developmental courses that help them build their Reading, Writing and Math skills that are needed to be successful in college. Students will be placed into these courses based on ACT/SAT or ACCUPLACER test scores.

Credits for these courses do not count towards graduation, but they do count towards classification (e.g. sophomore, junior or senior). These grades are also averaged into a student’s cumulative GPA, which could affect their financial aid.

The required developmental courses are:

  • ENG 078 Reading and Writing Strategies (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ENG 098 Essentials of College Writing (3 cr. hrs.)
  • MATH 075 General Math (4 cr. hrs.)
  • MATH 095 Algebra w/Applications (4 cr. hrs.)

Students who place into a developmental Writing and Reading course must take it in their first semester.

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