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Placement Assessment Information

The Accuplacer placement Assessment tests your skills in English, Reading, and Math and places you in the courses that prepare you for college. Results are available immediately after testing.

Accuplacer testing is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am – 3:30pm at our main campus or contact the LCC Satellite/Site office in your specific area for testing days and times. For more information, call (505) 454-5355. On the day of testing, please bring your driver’s license or student ID.

The first placement assessment is free as long as you complete the LCC Application for Admissions form and submit it to the Admissions Office. Students will only be allowed one (1) retake per semester.

Cost to retest:

Full Battery $10.00
Per Unit $5.00

Note: Students who do not test into College Math 180 and/or Freshmen Comp I must enroll for a remedial courses. If you have questions, contact your school counselor and/or Dual Credit Advisor.

The ACCUPLACER Study App features practice tests in Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Math, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills, free of charge. You can access the site from your computer, tablet, or Smartphone (see supported browsers & mobile O/S below), and familiarize yourself with the basic content areas of ACCUPLACER tests. You will have access to the Study App for 6 months, which includes the following features:

  • “Learn As You Go” tests provide you with an explanation of correct or incorrect responses.
  • Sample Tests help you experience what a real test may be like on test day.
  • Save your work in progress, then resume practicing at a later time.
  • Review your score history to identify areas of strength and weaknesses.

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