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Dual Credit Instructors

Dual Credit Instructors

Our Dual Credit Program prepares teachers to work with college instructors to provide college classes for well-prepared and highly motivated high school students. This collaboration between the college and its high school partners offer instructors at both institutions an opportunity to enrich their professional experience while helping students to bridge the gap between high school and college.

A Dual Credit instructor is a high school teacher who teaches a college course at their high school in order for students to earn college credits. Interested teachers must have permission from their school administrator before engaging in any partnerships. Academic and Vocational qualifications may vary depending on the desired discipline. In order for students to earn college credits at their high school, their high school teacher must meet the Public Education Department, Higher Education Department, High Learning Commission, and Luna Community College teaching standards and the curriculum needs to be aligned with LCC’s master course syllabus.

The qualification for a high school teacher is a master’s degree or higher in the discipline or subfield in which they want to teach. If the faculty member holds a master’s degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he/she is teaching, that high school teacher should have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they want to teach. Approval to teach a Dual Credit course is dependent upon qualifications, successful curriculum alignment, and the academic department approval process. Dual Credit instructors are paid a teacher stipend per student.

A Dual Credit teacher provides classroom instruction and serves as a mentor and advisor for their high school students. Advisors and mentors are central to a student’s success and can make a huge difference in a student’s college experience. Instructors assist students by helping them understand academic policy and procedures, provide advice, encouragement, and guidance. LCC instructors encourage high school teachers to facilitate conversations with their students to establish a collegiate environment in the classroom. Students and parents may seek information specific to Dual Credit courses or specific to the student’s educational goals. Encourage students to contact the LCC Dual Credit Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Dual Credit Teacher Process

PHASE 1: Course List and Teacher Qualifications

High school teachers interested in teaching Dual Credit courses should:

  1. Review the approved Dual Credit Instructor Course List and select from the list the course you want to teach at your high school. If you meet the course qualifications go to #2 below.
  2. Meet with your high school administrator to find out whether or not your school is a LCC partner and whether or not the dual credit course fits the school’s instructional plan.
  3. Get a signed letter of approval to teach a Dual Credit course form the high school administrator.

PHASE 2: Teacher Packet

High school teachers who meet the course qualifications and have approval from the high school administrator may apply to teach a Dual Credit course.

  1. Complete the Dual Credit Course Application Re-certification or Dual Credit Teacher Course Application

  2. Submit two original copies of all requested materials to the dual credit office.

    • Letter of Interest - Detailing the course description and describe how they meet the teacher qualifications.
    • Resume/Curriculum Vita
    • All relevant work history, education, experience, and certifications.
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • All transcripts with college level coursework.
    • Approval Letter
    • Letter of approval from the high school administrator to teach a high school Dual Credit course.

PHASE 3: Approval to Teach a Course

  1. The Academic Director will review the Teacher packet to validate the teacher qualifications.
  2. If all course qualifications are met, the Academic Director will meet with the applicant.
  3. Selected applicants will then receive initial approval to teach the selected course via email/mail.
  4. The Academic Director will provide a complete packet to the Office of Human Resources.
  5. All employment offers made by the college are completed based on the needs of the college. Completion of steps 1 thru 4 does not constitute an offer for employment and continued employment is based on institutional needs and is not or shall not be assumed.

PHASE 4: Final Step

  1. The Academic Director will schedule an orientation with high school teacher.
  2. The Academic Director will submit a schedule entry to the Office of Registrar.
  3. The teacher will submit one copy of the course syllabus to the Dual Credit office and another copy to the Academic Director. (Note: The course syllabus must align with the LCC master syllabus)
  4. Submit a textbook order.

Dual Credit Application Deadlines

In order to be considered to teach a dual credit course for the corresponding semester. The application and all required materials must be submitted by the deadlines posted below. Applications received or completed after the posted deadlines will be considered for the subsequent semester.

Deadlines Dates:

  • Fall Semester: August 10
  • Spring Semester: January 4