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Luna Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. The mission of the nursing department is to prepare nurses to provide culturally competent, community-based entry-level nursing care. Nursing is a rewarding career in high demand, which offers many challenges and opportunities within diverse healthcare settings. Upon successful completion of the second year nursing courses, a student receives an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing and is eligible to take the NCLEX- RN.

Program Offerings

Contact Information


Maxine Hughes 505-454-2523 x1805

Adjunct Faculty

Shawntel Lujan 505-454-2521 x1808

Administrative Assistant II

Elaine Montano 505-454-2521 x1808

Clinical Instructor

Annamaria Young
Michelle Aragon


Irma Joy Shrum 505-454-5376 x1802
Jackie Romero 505-454-5379 x1801
Kimberly Sena 505-454-2566 x1803
Lucia Gomez-Vaughan 505-454-5362 x1701
Susan Grohman 505-454-2524 x1807

Nursing Tutor

Britney Cordova
Naomi Gunn

Student Services Specialist

Yvonne Pina 505-454-2525 x1809

Student Success Coach / Advisor

Sierra Fernandez 505-454-2526 x1816