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Distance Learning Fee

Distance Learning Fee

Contact LCC’s Distance Learning Office at 505.454.5361 or 800.588.7232 ext. 1206 for more information.

What is the LCC Distance Learning Network (DLN) all about?

LCC Distance Learning was created to coordinate and support LCC’s Distance Learning initiatives. It is the goal of LCC to provide greater course access to students in outlying rural areas of the LCC servicing area. The achievement of this goal is being pursued through the delivery of on-line courses over the internet and/or course transmission to select sites.

How does a distance learning course work?

LCC offers a multitude of delivery modes for its distance learning courses: Web-based courses are considered online courses that can be synchronous or asynchronous.


Real-time components such as live lecture that require specific meeting times and days for students to log on to the course.


Non-live components that can be accessed at any time of day or night such as self-paced discussions, assignments, and posted materials.

Online Courses

These courses are delivered over the internet using Blackboard through LCC’s EWEB Campus. Students need access to a computer with reliable Internet access, sound, speakers, and/or headsets. Appropriate browser versions/installations are required in order to access the online course.

Special Fees and Distance Learning Course Codes:

All distance learning courses are designated with an E, H, R or T in the course #. For example, ECON208E, NRSG220H, CJ111R or EDUC214T. Students registering for E, H and/or R coded courses are charged a $25 per course distance learning fee. If the course has a course fee associated with it, the distance learning fee is included in the course fee.