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Registration, Activity, Laboratory and Course Fees

In addition to the tuition costs, every student is assessed a nonrefundable registration/activity fee and a nonrefundable laboratory fee per term, as well as other applicable fees. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Standard Non-Refundable Fees

Fee Amount
Registration/Activity Fee $15.00
**Laboratory Fee $10.00
**This fee is used to help with the cost of duplicating materials for students, costs associated with the course/lab offerings, and other incidental costs that may arise.

Additional Fees

Placement Assessment Exam Retake Fee
Full Battery $10.00
Per Unit $5.00
e-Write $5.00
Academic Transcript Fee (Personal Checks are not accepted for transcript requests) $7.00
Rush Transcript $7 + $25 Additional Fee $32.00
Graduation Fee (Per Degree) $15.00
Duplicate Diploma Replacement Fee (per degree) $10.00
Student Id Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Student Sticker Fee $5.00
Dishonored Check/Charge Card Fee $15.00
Distance Learning $25.00
Credit by Examination Fee (Fee is based on the regular tuition charge of the specific course). $ Variable
Special Course Fee-vary and are dependent on the course offered See Course Fees
Community Education Fee Non Refundable-Noncredit courses are designed primarily for community education and personal enrichment. $ Variable