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Former student Gladis Romero says Luna opened doors for her

Although Gladis Romero first attended Luna in the fall of 2017, she remains grateful for what the college has done for her.

Romero is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of New Mexico, something she gives Luna credit for.

“Coming to college at Luna helped me out in many ways,” says Romero who is a native of Mexico. “I really appreciate Luna.

Romero, who is a licensed cosmetologist in Mexico, wanted the same credentials in the United Sates and Luna was the school to provide her that opportunity.

Gladys Romero (right) is pictured here with Luna cosmetology instructor Germaine Sandoval.

“When I got here, I went to the state board in Santa Fe and they told me that I had to talk to Germaine Sandoval about classes,” says Romero. “She’s an angel that God put in my path not just for me, but for everyone.”

Sandoval has over 20 years teaching at Luna’s cosmetology program.

“Gladis is also an inspiration for me because of her drive and determination,” says Sandoval. “She is very motivated.”

Romero says that Sandoval is simply a great instructor.

“Any doubts I had, I would go to her immediately and she always found time to meet with me and help me,” says Romero about Sandoval.

Romero says that her husband Adelaido Romero also played a role in her success.

“He is the love of my life and he inspired me,” says Romero.

“Gladis took care of her ailing dad after graduating from Luna, but I didn’t let her quit,” says Adelaido. “She currently works at Universal Hair Cuts in Santa Fe. I am so happy and proud of her.”

“I eventually would like to own my own shop in Las Vegas if God wills it,” says Romero. “There are times that I do 30 haircuts a day; I had over 18 years of experience in Mexico.”

Romero says that her journey was important in other ways.

“I wanted to demonstrate to my three kids that I could earn my license in two countries,” says Romero. “There is no age limit of when you can earn your education.”