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Luna campus update

As a reminder, the City of Las Vegas continues to experience a water shortage due to the impact of the 2022 fires and the recent flooding. At the request of the City, Luna Community College main campus will be closed through Friday, June 28.

Please read the attached press release from the City of Las Vegas for more detailed information on ongoing relief efforts.

All in-person classes on the main campus are cancelled. Please reach out to your instructor to determine what work can be completed outside of class.

Online classes will proceed as scheduled.

The Preschool will remain open because day-care services have been deemed an essential service. Luna Security (505-429-1159) will be available if needed.

All campus activities for this weekend have been cancelled.

The city’s water supply is at critically low levels and it is essential for all of us to conserve water as much as possible. Please drink bottled water and limit the use of city water. If you need assistance, please call campus security at 429-1159.

We will keep you informed as the situation evolves, and let you know whether we will be able to return to campus next week.

Thank you