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Students can win $100 book voucher

MBS, Luna’s textbook partner, has provided the college with 20 $100 book vouchers for online bookstore purchases. All students registered for six or more credit hours this fall are eligible for the drawing

The textbook vouchers will be given away in random drawings on Friday, Aug. 16. Students are reminded to get a valid Luna student e-mail to help ensure prompt notification.

For more information, please call Luna Bookstore manager Ron Duran at 454-2569 or e-mail him at Duran will have computers set up for student use to place online book orders and will give direct assistance as needed.

The Luna Bookstore (onsite) has a limited quantity of textbooks for the fall semester that will be sold at a discounted price. Luna and MBS Direct partnered earlier this summer to ensure that students’ textbook needs will be met. Beginning on Aug. 1, Luna students can order their textbooks for the fall semester.