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Hands-on learning in criminal justice class

As a matter of practice, students in Jason Killian’s Criminal Justice classes at Luna Community College have opportunities for hands-on, interactive learning.

This past week, 14 students in one class, Criminal Investigation, learned how to secure and process a crime scene – in this case a fictional homicide staged in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). A number of other students and staff members also got in on the act, functioning either as suspects, witnesses or curious onlookers. Criminal defense attorney Scott Pistone assisted students with questioning witnesses and suspects.

Jason Killian’s criminal justice students go through hands-on exercises during a recent fictional criminal investigation. Students learned how to secure and process a crime scene.

Killian plans to have his students progress on the case all the way through a criminal trial to be conducted later in the year.

“We conduct these hands-on exercises to prepare our students for the workforce,” Killian explained. “Employers want students who can do, so we teach our students how to perform essential job duties like processing a scene.”

It’s been an active time for the Criminal Justice program in other ways as well. Classes have been hosting guest presenters to bring students insights from professionals working within the criminal justice system.

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