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Luna seeks input for Focused Visit Report

Luna Community College is seeking participation from the campus community and general public as it prepares for Focused Site Visit with the Higher Learning Commission.

A team from the college is developing a written Focused Visit Report to demonstrate the college is addressing areas of concern identified by the HLC. The report is due in mid-July, in advance of the HLC’s scheduled visit in early September. Based largely on the report and site visit, the HLC Board of Trustees will make a ruling on the college’s accreditation status.

Luna will post the final draft of its HLC report for a feedback and input period July 6-10. A link to the report and form for submission of feedback and input will be made available on the college website,, by July 6. Members of the campus community and general public are encouraged to view the report and make any comments or suggestions using the online form.

Luna has been accredited continuously since 1982. In 2017, the HLC issued a show-cause order requiring the college to respond. Based on the initial response by Luna, the show-cause order was lifted in June 2018, and the college was placed on probation. In November 2019, the HLC Board of Trustees recognized progress at Luna, noting compliance in 18 of 21 criterion areas; the Chicago-based board opted to continue the probationary period and allow the college more time to achieve full compliance.