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Luna Community College Board of Trustees comments on accreditation status

Dr. Phyllis Martinez, Chair

The most important goal I had when I became a candidate for the LCC Board of Trustees was accreditation. Luna Community College for this community and for the many communities it serves is a bedrock for education. It has been a fundamental, basic, and reliable place for our constituents both young and old to receive an education and/or skill. It is also essential that LCC continues to serve in this capacity and that it continues to serve students, employees, and businesses.

This is a giant step forward and the most important step made by the current board of trustees, but the work is not over. Now we need more students to increase our enrollment. Accreditation will make it possible for students to acquire credits that are transferable, for the college to apply for federal grants, to add new programs of study and to be open to out of state students. We want more students!! We are all very thankful to the many individuals who were instrumental in once again, regaining accreditation for Luna Community College. Good Job Everyone!!

Trustee Dianna Medrano, Vice Chair

This is an exciting, happy and joyful time for Luna Community College. We will continue to move LCC forward and improving the institution for the betterment of Las Vegas, surrounding communities and its students.

With this accomplishment many doors of opportunity will open for the institution and its students. I look forward to the future of LCC: increased enrollment, opportunities for students, new program offerings, etc. A lot of hard work remains ahead and I am dedicated to continue working hard to improve and better LCC.

Accreditation was the top priority of my campaign and this has been accomplished. I want to thank the LCC Board of Trustees, interim president and employees for all the hard work that went into accomplishing this goal. I also want to thank my constituents for placing this trust in me.

Trustee Louise Portillos, Secretary

This is great news for Luna Community College! When I initially showed an interest in seeking election to the LCC Board of Trustees, my main mission was to assist LCC with getting off probation and reinstating their accreditation. I am thrilled to have helped achieve this accomplishment. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Interim President Dr. Patterson, the Focus Site Visit Report Writing Committee, and the Faculty and Staff for their exceptional hard work in achieving this excellent goal. Thank you!