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Stakeholders meet president, BOT

Roundtable luncheons hailed as positive outreach effort for Luna

More than 30 community members within Luna Community College’s service area attended educational and business roundtable luncheons with Luna President Dr. Edward Martinez and the LCC Board of Trustees on Wednesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 24.

“It was a real positive event for Luna and everyone involved,” said West Las Vegas Superintendent Chris Gutierrez. “It was something that was needed. It’s clear that students are in the best interest of Luna’s new president Dr. Edward Martinez and the Luna board of trustees.”

The business roundtable luncheon, facilitated by Las Vegas-San Miguel Chamber of Commerce President Phillip Martinez, was part of a two-day training retreat for the trustees and president. It was held on the campus of New Mexico Highlands University.

“The event was great,” said Phillip Martinez. “We are getting so many compliments on how well it went and about all the good information that was exchanged. We really appreciate that Luna is reaching out to the community.’

Participants had the opportunity to meet Dr. Martinez, who began his presidency at Luna on Monday, June 21.

“Community members asked questions and made suggestions to Dr. Martinez and the board of trustees on how the college should move forward,” said Phillip Martinez. “I would love to go to more of these types of discussions.”

Among those in attendance were individuals from Las Vegas, Mora, Santa Rosa and Springer. Luna has its main campus in Las Vegas, a site in Mora and satellites in Santa Rosa and Springer.

Other topics of the two-day training retreat were communication preferences between the BOT and the president, effective governance, strategic needs assessment of the college’s strategic plan, and evaluation process of the president.

“I was really happy with the participation in the roundtable luncheons,” said Dr. Martinez. “We learned a lot on what the community wants and expects from us. Luna will be having more of these events throughout our service area in the near future. Overall, the retreat went extremely well. There was a lot of good information that will assist us as we move Luna forward.”

Luna President Dr. Edward Martinez and the LCC Board of Trustees met with educational and business stakeholders during roundtable discussions on Wednesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 24. The roundtable discussions were part of a two-day training retreat for the president and board held at New Mexico Highlands University.