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Enrollment steady; credit hours up

Last week Luna Community College captured its census data – a report all institutions utilize to account enrollment for a given semester.

The report showed that Luna’s Spring 2019 enrollment remained identical to that of last semester with 1,065 students. On a more positive measure, the data indicate a slight increase in student credit hours from fall 2018 to the current term. This spring, Luna student credit hours rose by 126 from 7,564 in the fall to 7,690.

“Lately it seems that breaking even with enrollment is the new milestone for institutions, so the ability to report increases, even the slightest, feels like a major accomplishment,” said Luna interim President Ricky Serna. “This enrollment report is the result of innovative scheduling and effective advisement strategies on the part of staff and faculty.”

Over the past year, Luna has made efforts to significantly increase the number of evening courses and has hired a full-time advisor for each of its seven academic and vocational departments. Luna is also in its first year of a three-year retention plan that aligns with the college’s strategic plan.