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Luna nursing program updates selection criteria

Changes in effect starting with Fall ’22 cohort

With demand for acute care, vaccinations and testing heightened by COVID-19, the pandemic has underscored the significance of nurses and other health care professionals. Luna Community College’s Department of Nursing continues to do its part by preparing nurses through its accredited associate degree program. The program remains open to applicants, with new cohorts starting each fall.

Luna’s nursing program has made some changes to its admission and selection criteria, effective for the Fall 2022 cohort. A full list of criteria and instructions for applying are available on the college website,, but the main changes are as follows:

The minimum allowable score for the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills – required for admission – is now a 62 overall. The TEAS score is weighted as 50 of 100 criteria points considered for selection.

In previous years, 10 criteria points was allocated to an applicant’s mean score on the TEAS math, reading and science portions. Instead, beginning this fall, up to six points will be awarded for completion of the courses Medical Terminology (AH113), Nutrition (NUTR2110) and Microbiology (BIOL2305) with a “B” or higher. Two points will be awarded for each of the three specified courses completed prior to application. Additionally, four points will be awarded to the applicant if they provide documentation of at least 500 hours of work experience in health care, i.e. as a nursing assistant or equivalent position, within the preceding three years.

The remaining 40 criteria points will be awarded based on a prerequisite grade point average of 2.75 or higher in the five prerequisite courses listed by the department.

“As we continually strive to develop outstanding nurses, we look to establish sound criteria for our program,” said Maxine Hughes, LCC Director of Nursing. “These changes allow for a broader pool of applicants while keeping the selection process competitive.”

Setting aside criteria points for health care experience, for example, rewards applicants who have already devoted their time and energy to patient care.

“Many wonderful nurses got their start working as CNAs,” noted Hughes, “and we want to promote that career pathway, one that a number of our program alumni have taken.”

The decision to award criteria points for performing well in Medical Terminology, Nutrition and Microbiology is also by design.

“These are courses that are beneficial not only to prospective nurses but to many other fields of study,” Hughes said. “They can transfer into other academic degree programs, and they are all offered right here at Luna.”

For more information about the Luna nursing program, please visit or call 505-454-5321.