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Luna talks partnership with area law enforcement

Area law enforcement agencies including city, county and state along with local government representatives met on campus with Luna President Dr. Edward Martinez about partnership opportunities, as well as establishment of an advisory board.

The meeting took place Wednesday, Dec. 15, at the site of Luna’s new state-of-the-art simulators in firearms training and driving.

Luna President Dr. Edward Martinez speaks with area officials and law enforcement officers about potential partnership and an advisory board.

The college this past year acquired the simulators, manufactured by VirTra, Inc.

President Martinez discussed the advisory board and a partnership that involves area entities using the VirTra simulators, designed primarily to significantly improve critical judgments, skills and expertise for law enforcement personnel.

Among the individuals who attended the Dec. 15 partnership meeting were, from left, Luna interim Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Dr. Dani Day, Guadalupe County Commissioner Albert Campos, Mora County Commissioner Veronica Serna, Luna President Dr. Edward Martinez, San Miguel County Commissioner Harold Garcia, and Fourth Judicial District Attorney Tom Clayton.

Among those in attendance were law enforcement officers, county commissioners from San Miguel, Mora and Guadalupe counties, Las Vegas Mayor Louie Trujillo and Fourth Judicial District Attorney Tom Clayton.

Trujillo thanked Martinez for having the foresight to bring entities together, calling it “a perfect example of collaboration.”

Clayton also voiced support for the initiative, saying, “Smaller agencies need to have training.”

Local law enforcement officers sample the VirTra, Inc.-manufactured simulator. The simulator features a 300-degree immersive and interactive environment programmed with a variety of potential situations in which officers commonly find themselves. The simulator enables the participant to develop decision-making skills and use of de-escalation techniques and use of varying degrees of force, including firearms.