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Luna part of the upcoming Billy the Kid Shootout

Luna Community College, Highlands University along with the Indigo Theater are collaborating to present the Billy the Kid Shootout on Sept. 29, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Las Vegas.

Luna students will volunteer at the festival that Luna STEM and Humanities Director Francisco Apodaca had a hand in helping develop.

The Billy the Kid Shootout is a film festival and will also feature author presentations and book signings. The centerpiece of the festival features a new movie about Billy the Kid by French artist Arnaud Dezoteaux called The New Kid. The New Kid will have its American premiere at the Indigo Theater on Thursday, Sept. 29 with several screenings during the day. A premiere party at the Skillet later that evening caps the day’s celebration.

Billy the Kid roamed eastern New Mexico from 1877 to 1881 and engaged in cattle rusting, gambling and was a participant in the Lincoln County war. He made several escapes from jail and was killed by Sheriff Pat Garret on July 14, 1881 in Fort Sumner, N.M.

Las Vegas was a leading town in the southwest and the New Mexico Territory in the late 1800’s and was well known as a wild somewhat lawless place. Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid and the infamous Dodge City Gang other outlaws frequented Las Vegas.

“The Billy the Kid Shootout is an event that is intended to revitalize the Las Vegas community,” said Apodaca. “Revitalizing the community by visiting a relatively dark time in our history. The era of “Billy the Kid” was a time when outside influences were negatively impacting and holding a community hostage. The worldwide notoriety of Billy the Kid and the Wild West are something that Las Vegas can utilize and take advantage of in a positive fashion.”

Luna has a Film/Media technician certificate program, and the Billy the Kid Shootout Festival is an event Luna can capitalize on, said Apodaca. Terence Garcia along with fellow instructor James Hunyadi are working on revitalizing and building the program.

“Here at Luna Community College, we can use this opportunity to showcase our growing film/media program,” said Apodaca “With Governor Lujan-Grisham’s Next Generation Film Academy, Luna can be a key player in creating opportunities for area students in the area of film production. Aside from Billy the Kid, Las Vegas has a long history in the film industry from Tom Mix and the early filmmakers to the Coen brothers and their award winning “No Country For Old Men.” The Billy the Kid Shootout is really a celebration of film in Las Vegas and a showcase for the future of films here and the opportunities that are to come.”

Screenings of other Billy the Kid movies will be held at Highlands. According to Dave Rogers, the co-producer of the event, Luna students will be allowed in free to the Billy the Kid events held at Highlands.

For information on the American Premiere of The New Kid and the Billy the Kid Shootout festival visit