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Contact the Fiscal Office at 505-454-2506 for statement and payment information.

Tuition and fees will be assessed and posted to the student’s account at the time of registration. Tuition charges are based on a student’s residency status. Upon registering for courses, students receive a student data schedule/bill. In order to complete registration, all charges must be paid, or arrangements for payment must be made through the Fiscal Office.

If tuition/fees are to be paid directly by a external agency, written payment authorization from that agency is required for completion of the enrollment process.

Students who have applied for and are eligible to receive student financial assistance need to present an LCC Student Credit Authorization to the Fiscal Office at the time of registration for clearance. An LCC Student Credit Authorization may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.


All charges incurred in connection with college attendance are payable in advance of the services rendered. Tuition, fees, and other charges are subjectto change at any time by the Board of Trustees.

The payment deadline is the day before classes begin.

Failure to pay or make arrangements for payment will result in disenrollment. Consequently, the student must register in accordance with the academic calendar. The student is responsible for payment of all financial obligations when due. Failure to do so will be sufficient cause to:

  • prevent further registration
  • withhold academic records
  • withhold release of academic transcripts and diplomas

Student financial assistance payments will generally be posted to qualifying student accounts to pay for educational expenses. Any balance remaining from the applied payment will be refunded to the student within a two-week period.