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Early Childhood Multicultural Education/Teacher (Birth-Grade 3) Concentration - AA

The Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Multicultural Education is intended for students whose goal is to pursue a Bachelor.s degree in early childhood education or a related field. Educational emphasis is on the children.s developmental progress toward competence, interdependence, socialization and the integration of content areas. In New Mexico the Early Childhood Multicultural framework delineates the content children are to learn, the processes through which children achieve the identified curricular goals, what teachers do to help children achieve these goals, and the context in which teaching and learning occur. The curriculum is flexible to facilitate adaptation to our multicultural communities and all children, including those with special needs. The minimum credit hours include the thirty-six credit hour general education transfer core.

Degree Requirements

The follow degree requirements are for the 2015-2018 Catalog. For other catalogs, please see Catalogs

Minimum of 62 Credit Hours

General Education Core (30 credit hours)
Area I. Communications (9 credit hours)
ENG111 Freshman Composition I 3
ENG115 Freshman Composition II 3
SPCH111 Public Speaking 3
Area II. Mathematics (4 credit hours)
MATH180 College Algebra 4
Area III. Laboratory Science (8 credit hours)
BIO105 Biology for Non-Majors 4
BIO110 General Biology I 4
BIO111 General Biology II 4
BIO201 Medical Microbiology 4
BIO217 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO218 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
CHEM105 Introduction to Chemistry 4
CHEM111 General Chemistry I 4
CHEM112 General Chemistry II 4
ENVS102 Environmental Science 4
GEOL101 Survey of Earth Science 4
GEOL202 Earth History 4
PHYS111 Introduction to Physics 4
PHYS115 General Physics I 4
PHYS116 General Physics II 4
PHYS161 Calculus Physics I 4
PHYS162 Calculus Physics II 4
Area IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)
ANTH103 Introduction to Anthropology 3
ANTH221 Cultures of the World 3
ECON208 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON209 Principles of Microeconomics 3
POLS151 American National Government 3
POLS167 State and Local Government 3
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Area V. Humanities and Fine Arts (6 credit hours)
ART110 Introduction to Art 3
ART210 Art History 3
HIST101 Western Civilization to 1500 3
HIST102 Western Civilization from 1500 3
HIST161 American History to 1865 3
HIST162 American History from 1865 3
HIST220 History of New Mexico 3
MUS108 Music Appreciation 3
MUS208 Music History 3
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
THEO222 History of Christianity 3
THEO232 World Religions 3
THTR110 Introduction to Theater 3
Any 100 or 200 level literature course is accepted. Courses in this section must include two different disciplines.

Program Requirements (29 credit hours)
ECME110 Professionalism 2
ECME123 Introduction to Language, Literacy and Reading 3
ECME130 Curriculum Development through Play Birth through Age 4(Pre-K) 3
ECME135 Practicum for Curriculum Develop through Play-Birth through age 4 (Pre-K) 2
ECME230 Curriculum Development and Implementation: Age 3-Grade 3 3
ECME235 Curriculum Development & Implementation Practicum Age 3 (Pre-K)-Grade 3 2
ECME240 Guiding Young Children 3
ECME257 Asmnt of Child & Evaltn of Prgms 3
ECME260 Family & Community Collaboration 3
EDUC102 Health, Safety and Nutrition 2
EDUC201 Child Grwth, Dvlpmnt & Learning 3

Related Studies (3 credit hours)
CSA150 Computer Fundamentals 3