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Shared Governance Council

Committee Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Shared Governance Council is to serve as a collective unit with equal representation from all college governance groups including the Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Senate, Student Government, and Academic Leadership. The Council will review policy proposals, issues, concerns, and other institutional matters that are presented by these governance groups.

The Council also receives directives from the President and provides feedback prior to dissemination of information to the Senates and Academic Leadership. The Council is also required to prepare formal recommendations to the President to guide decision-making.

2023-2024 Shared Governance Council Officers:

Rachel Lucero Chair Faculty Senate Representative
Shannon Ortiz Vice-Chair Staff Senate Chair
Billie Mathews Voting Member Faculty Senate Chair
Matthew Garcia Voting Member Staff Senate Vice Chair
TBD Voting Member Student Senate Chair
TBD Voting Member Student Senate Vice Chair
Sherry Goodyear Non-voting Member Professional Director / Advisory
Carol Linder Non-voting Member Academic Director / Advisory

You can contact the Shared Governance Council by emailing

Next Meeting:

Shared Governance Council meets the 1st & 3rd Friday of each Month, at 2:30 p.m. (location–TBA)


The Shared Governance Council:

  • Receives documentation from the governance groups of the institution.
  • Meets in a timely manner to review submitted documentation.
  • Evaluates documentation fairly and thoroughly and provides feedback when necessary.
  • Submits recommendations with supporting documentation to the President of Luna Community College for the next step in the shared governance process.


  • Prepare for current and future Higher Learning Commission visits.
  • Maintain Shared Governance Council By-Laws.
  • Promote and facilitate effective communication campus-wide.

Shared Governance Documents:

Action Item Process - Approved January 2023
Agendas & Minutes
BILLS 2020-2021
Bylaws - Approved March 2023
Organizational Structure - Approved January 2023
BOT- Board of Trustees Reports

NOTE: If you would like to be added to our agenda for any meeting, contact the Chair or Vice-Chair, or make the request before the beginning of the meeting, and you will be added to the agenda before it is approved.