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Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis Committee

Committee Purpose Statement

Measure the appropriateness, strength and relevance of the College’s Strategic Plan, ensuring it proactively seizes opportunities and addresses challenges of uncertainty due to changes in the organizational environment.

Develop and implement metrics and strategies for measuring the institution’s progress toward its strategic goals. Provide recommendations on how the College broadly embraces the strategic plan as the basis for driving operations.

Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis Committee Members

Francisco Apodaca Chair STEM
Arturo Marlow Member State of New Mexico Veteran’s Service Officer
Betsy Sanchez Member STEM
Brenda Ortega Member Education
Carol Linder Member Allied Health
Dani Day Member VP of Instruction and Student Services
Edward Martinez Member President
Francina Martinez Member Fiscal
Gloria Pacheco Member Allied Health
Greg Salazar Member IT
John Thompson Member CTE
Larry Paiz Member IT
Matthew Cordova Member Facilities
Maxine Hughes Member Nursing
Nichole Collins Member STEM
Phillip Martinez Member Franken Construction Company
Rachael Lucero Member STEM
Raymond Varela Member ACE Lab
Rick Baca Member Humanities

Committee Priorities

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis on the current strategic plan
  2. Assign performance metrics to each goal
  3. Determine data necessary to measure the plan’s metrics

Reporting Objectives

Prepare a comprehensive report to the Shared Governance Council after the three committee priorities are complete.



November 13, 2018 - Draft

Institutional Analysis Leadership Team minutes (Nov. 2016-April 2017)