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Student Dental Association

About Us

To develop and build skills in teamwork and team unity among dental assistants.

Our Purpose

Primary Purpose of the DDA:

  1. To represent the Dental Assisting Program of Luna Community College
  2. To encourage communication, cooperation and team organization among DA students, faculty, administration, board members and other campus organizations.
  3. To develop and build skills in teamwork and team unity among LCC DA students, faculty and staff.
  4. To develop Dental Assistants who are highly technical skilled, enhance responsibilities for working under the supervision of dentists with a wide range of task in the dental office, ranging from patient care to administrative duties.
  5. To promote educational preservation and support the achievement of goals.
  6. To signify and uphold LCC and the dental assisting program through idiom and action that will ascertain excellent testimony for the college, the students and DA program.


  • Gloria B. Pacheco

DDA Officers

  • President-Karly Ramirez
  • Vice-President-Sonya Gonzales
  • Secretary-Alicia Maldonado
  • Treasurer-April Noche

Contact Information

  • 505-454-2528


What we are working on:

Future Projects:

Monthly Minutes

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Guidelines and Handbook

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