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Student Support Services


Advisement at LCC is a collaborative venture among the student, the Student Success Center, and the academic disciplines. Since the college admits students with varying degrees of educational preparation, accurate and coordinated academic advisement is crucial to student progress and institutional planning.

Accordingly, new students (first-time enrollees), transfer students, alumni, pre-nursing students, and students who have not declared a program of study are advised through the Student Success Center. Returning students who have declared a program of study or who intend on pursuing a particular certificate or degree program are advised through the appropriate academic discipline.


Counseling and guidance services are available to all students. Local community agencies that contain crisis intervention services as well as referral services partner or complement our services. These services will provide assistance for common issues that pose problems for college students such as alcohol and drugs, anxiety, depression, family issues, stress, homesickness, addiction, etc. All services are confidential. Additional information may be obtained at the Student Success Center from an educational advisor.

Career Planning

This service is designed to assist the student who is having a difficult time selecting a career or program of study. Educational advisors are available to assist students in exploring their interests and needs, developing an educational plan, and identifying possible career, vocational, and academic choices. Career Solutions System, a computerized career-decision making program through the NM Department of Workforce Solutions, is a resource available at the Student Success Center.

Career Placement

This service is designed to assist current and graduating students with job search strategies, résumé writing, interviewing techniques, job retention, employment ethics, and information relevant to the labor market. A résumé template/sample is available for students who are interested in creating résumés. Students interested in internship possibilities are urged to contact the Student Success Center for career placement opportunities and other resources by calling 505.454.5355 or visiting Career Services at the Student Success Center.

Adaptive Education Services - Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other applicable laws, LCC takes appropriate action to ensure that its programs and services are readily accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities. Services for students with special needs include counseling, advisement, classroom accommodations, adaptive equipment, and liaison services between LCC and community agencies. Requests for such services may be made by contacting the Adaptive Education Specialist at 505.454.5355.

Educational Support Services

  • Tutoring services are available in most academic areas. Any registered student is eligible for free tutorial program services. Various tutoring software programs are available including PLATO. A tutoring schedule is prepared and printed every semester and posted throughout the campus and e-mailed to all students. Tutoring for specific areas not listed on the tutor schedule can be requested by contacting the Student Success Center. The Tutoring Center is located in the Student Services Building, Room 111. Tutors may also be available at the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Allied Health Department, and satellites upon request and availability.
  • Through assessment and academic placement, LCC is committed to seeing that students who enroll in certificate or degree programs successfully achieve their career goals. Incoming students are required to take the Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment Support System (COMPASS), which covers proficiency requirements in reading, mathematics, and writing. Students who have taken the American College Test (ACT) may not be required to take the COMPASS. However, they will be required to satisfy prescribed proficiencies. LCC does not administer the ACT.

A student who has taken the ACT must provide scores to the Student Success Center who will review the scores for placement purposes. Students are encouraged to complete proficiency requirements within their first two semesters.

COMPASS/ACT are solely used to determine the student’s course placement level. If deficiencies are indicated by COMPASS/ACT, students will be required to satisfy proficiency requirements in order to graduate from any LCC program of study. Based on the COMPASS/ACT results, students are placed in the following prescribed Institutional Proficiency Requirements:

ENG075 Introduction to Grammar
ENG095 Grammar Usage and Writing
MATH055 Basic Mathematics
MATH075 General Mathematics
MATH095 Algebra with Applications
READ075 Basic Reading
READ095 Developmental Reading

Students who do not complete the required institutional proficiency requirements and withdraw from LCC for at least three years must retake the COMPASS to continue with their coursework.

Note: Placement scores, whether COMPASS, ACT, SAT, etc., are not used in lieu of students completing the Area II - Mathematics course required for degrees offered at LCC. An appropriate mathematics course would need to be completed. For example, if a student earns a score of 27 on the ACT and the student’s program of study requires MATH116, the student would then have the option of completing MATH116, MATH180 or MATH190 to fulfill the Area II requirement for completion of their degree.

  • Student success strategies and seminars are offered to encourage educational and career success. A variety of learning techniques, seminars, and workshops are held throughout the academic year.
  • Early Alert is an intervention process initiated at 4 and 12 weeks whereby students who are performing below average and/or have excessive class absences are referred by their instructors to the Student Success Center for follow-up. A mid-term early alert referral will be initiated for those students who are performing below average (grades of “D”, “F”, or “U”) when and only if mid-term grades are posted. Student Success Center staff will also follow-up with a phone call in an attempt to help the student work on a plan for successful completion. However, it is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure all demographic information is correct and updated in LCC’s computer system. Students are able to update demographics at the Office of the Registrar.

Distance Learning Network

Phone: 505.454.5361

Luna Community College’s efforts to provide education to its students and to rural communities via distance education resulted in the creation of the Distance Learning Network (DLN). It is the goal of the DLN to provide greater course access to students as well as offering greater flexibility to course scheduling. LCC offers distance education courses via two mediums: interactive television (ITV) and the Internet utilizing Blackboard. Students interested in taking courses via distance education are urged to visit the college website at or contact the Student Success Center for more information. DLN course offerings are published in the schedule of classes each term and are also available on the LCC website.

Guidelines for Distance Learning Examinations

When examinations are employed, LCC will ensure firm student identification. If proctoring is used, it is the responsibility of the student to identify an appropriate proctor and confirm arrangements regarding the scheduling and administration of the exam directly with the proctor. The following proctor information must be provided 2-3 weeks before the proctored exam:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company/Agency/Educational Institution
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • E-mail Address

In addition to the testing materials, a copy of the Academic Integrity Policy will be included. Both the student and the proctor must review, sign, and return the policy with the examination and a copy of a photo ID. Any violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action on the part of the college.

Who can be approved to serve as a proctor? An acceptable proctor is someone with no conflict of interest in upholding LCC’s Academic Integrity Policy. Relatives, friends, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers are not acceptable proctors. A student’s proctor candidate may be one of the following:

  • An employee at an educational administrator’s office or community college library, university, or high school
  • A librarian at a public library
  • An employee at a learning center
  • An officer of higher rank than the student, if in the military
  • An employee at a college, university, or private testing center (in this case, the testing center director should be listed as the student’s proctor)
  • A direct supervisor at the place of employment, providing the setting is suitable for academic testing


Phone: 505.454.2569

The mission of the LCC Bookstore is to meet the textbook needs of students. Supplies, as well as a variety of other items, are also available for purchase. The bookstore is open during regular college hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with extended hours during peak registration periods.

In some academic and vocational programs, supplies and equipment are required and should be purchased by the student at the beginning of each term. These items can be special ordered. Students are strongly encouraged to contact course instructors regarding any potential additional costs before classes begin.


Phone: 505.454.2577

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, the New Mexico State Police, and the college’s security officers provide security and law enforcement. Patrol and dispatch services are provided with access through the emergency telephone number 911 or via a campus phone at ext. 1108. Satellite and off-site locations should contact their local law enforcement authorities. The campus is closed and secured during holidays, weekends when classes are not in session, and Monday through Friday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Students or visitors witnessing any crime, suspicious activity or anyone on campus in need of emergency assistance are asked to report their observations to the security office located within the Humanities Building.


Transportation is the primary responsibility of the student. The Meadow City Express public transportation provides services to and from the college at a reduced student rate. To make arrangements for transportation or for further information, contact Meadow City Express at 505.454.8583.


The college does not offer any type of health insurance coverage to students.


It is the responsibility of students to obtain their own housing while attending the college. LCC does not have dormitories. However, the Student Success Center will assist students by providing contacts to obtain housing.


Luna Community College offers free student e-mail accounts to all enrolled students. Many important announcements and deadlines are routinely sent to students via e-mail. To sign up, go to and look under the My LCC/Sign In link.