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Luna joins smoking cessation push

The Luna Community College Facilities Department along with the Life Safety/Security Department will be putting up No Smoking or Vaping signs around campus.

Currently, there are three locations on campus which are designated as smoking areas. They are: the west side of the Technologies and Administration Building; the west side area of the Allied Health Building which includes the IPC Cafeteria and the last one is across the street from the Early Childhood Center and east of the Automotive Building near the south side of the Auto Collision Building.

Luna is part of the Tobacco-Free Campuses New Mexico (TFCNM) initiative, which is a statewide network of colleges and universities in support, contemplating, or in the process of adopting a tobacco-free policy.

Tobacco and nicotine use is the leader in preventable death, costs the state of New Mexico $1.5 billion annually in medical and lost productivity ($300 billion nationwide), and kills 480,000 Americans annually while causing many other negative health effects.

TFCNM is currently building capacity across college and university settings in order to protect our fellow community members from the risks stated above by providing resources and technical assistance for tobacco-free policy implementation.

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