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Automotive Collision Repair Technology - CERT

The Automotive Department at Luna Community College offers two pathways with multiple certifications in each. Both pathways contribute towards the Associate of Applied Science degree in Vocational/Technical Studies. The Institutional Proficiency Requirements for communication and mathematics are integrated into the required courses.

Both pathways follow the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) curriculum standards. Students may earn Level I (16 semester credit hours), Level II (24 semester credit hours) or Level III (32 semester credit hours) certificates, as well as a variety of industry-recognized micro-credentials. Demonstration of appropriate automotive skills to the faculty is required.

The Collision Repair Technology pathway is designed in conjunction with the automotive technology and the welding technology programs to produce a highly knowledgeable and skilled entry level collision repair technicians. The pathway covers all aspects of auto body repairs, metalworking, plastic repairs, panel replacements, restoration, refinishing, custom refinishing, basic structural repairs, damage estimating, student portfolio design and collision repair shop management.

Occupational Skills Certificates 16-24
(Issued by the Department for completion of fundamentals and 1-2 Concentrations)

Collision Repair Technology Certificate Minimum of 32
(Issued by the Registrar’s Office for completion of fundamentals and at least 3 concentrations. Qualifies a student as a Collision Repair Technology graduate)

Degree Requirements

The follow degree requirements are for the 2023-2024 Catalog. For other catalogs, please see Catalogs

Minimum of 34 Credit Hours

Certificate Requirements (32 credit hours)

All Automotive certificates require students to complete the two courses below as pre-requisites or co-requisites for any of the concentrations. (8 credit hours)
AUTO100 Automotive Fundamentals 4
AUTO110 Automotive Electrical 4
Students may select the additional 8, 16 or 24 hours from the concentrations below. Students must complete both courses in a concentration for either course to apply to a certificate.

Concentration 1- Under Car (8 credit hours)
AUTO135 Brakes 4
AUTO154 Steering and Suspension 4

Concentration 2 - Under Hood (8 credit hours)
AUTO120 Engine Repair 4
AUTO125 Engine Performance 4

Concentration 3 - Transmissions (8 credit hours)
AUTO108 Manual Transmission & Drivetrain 4
AUTO128 Automatic Trnsmsns & Drivetrain 4

Concentration 4 - Basic Body (8 credit hours)
CRT100 Introduction to Collision Repair 3
CRT105 Introduction to Refinishing 3

Concentration 5 - Auto Metal Working (8 credit hours)
CRT115 Metal Working 4
WLDG105 Introduction to Welding 2

Concentration 6 - Customizing (8 credit hours)
CRT130 Auto Restoration and Customizing 3
CRT150 Structural Analysis & Damage Repair 3

Concentration 7 - Estimation and Analysis (8 credit hours)
CRT120 Collision Repair II 4
CRT150 Structural Analysis & Damage Repair 3

Concentration 8 - CDL (8 credit hours)
(This concentration must be applied for through the Luna Credit for Prior Learning process and is only available to students pursuing the Automotive Technology pathway.)