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Career and Technical Education

Luna Community College’s Career and Technical Education programs are designed to produce academically, technically, and professionally sound citizens to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century job market. We offer a broad curriculum that includes certificate programs and associate in applied science degrees. Our goal is to provide hands-on learning environments that prepare students for modern industry careers.

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Contact Information


Karen Torres


Dominic Garcia 505-454-2591 x1450
Linda Chibante
Paul Vance x1451

Adjunct - Springer

Telena Shubert

Admin Assistant 2

Barbara Romero 505-454-2559 x1403


Andrew Quintana
Anthony Baca 505-454-2591 x1450
Clarice Bonney 505-454-2572 x1021
Gene Martinez 505-454-2589 x1500
Gene Sandoval 505-454-2590 x1451
Germaine Sandoval 505-454-5345 x1025

Welding Lab Assistanr

Rico Rains