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Welding Technology - CERT

The program prepares students with entry-level job skills in many phases of the welding industry and provides upgrading for those out in the field that need to acquire additional skills. Emphasis is placed on welding procedures used in the construction and manufacturing industry. Micro-Credentialing through American Welders Society (AWS) Certifications is made available. Students are encouraged to pursue multiple majors such as Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and Small Business Administration if they plan to be self-employed.

Welding courses require safety equipment and supplies. Students must contact instructor to discuss appropriate personal protection equipment prior to beginning class. Completion of this certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Vocational/Technical Studies.

Degree Requirements

The follow degree requirements are for the 2023-2024 Catalog. For other catalogs, please see Catalogs

Minimum of 31 Credit Hours

Concentration Requirements (25 credit hours)
CRT115 Metal Working 4
VOC117 Blueprint Rdng & Constrctn Math 2
VOC117L Blueprint Rdng & Constrctn MathLab 1
WLDG105 Introduction to Welding 4
WLDG105L Introduction to Welding Lab 1
WLDG118 Welding Level I 4
WLDG118L Welding Level I Lab 1
WLDG119L Welding Level I Application Lab 4
WLDG125 Machine Operation in MetalWorking 4
WLDG125L Machine Operation in MetalWorking Lab 1
WLDG211 Welding Level II 4
WLDG211L Welding Level II Lab 1
WLDG230 Welding Level III 4
WLDG230L Welding Level III Lab 1

Approved Electives (6 credit hours)
WLDG119L Welding Level I Application Lab 4
WLDG133 Pipe and Plate Code Testing 2
WLDG133L Pipe and Plate Code Testing Lab 1
WLDG140 Advanced Layout and Fabrication 2
WLDG140L Advanced Layout and FabricationLab 1
WLDG148 Ornamental Art Welding 2
WLDG148L Ornamental Art Welding Lab 1
WLDG119L - May be repeated