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Computer Application Specialist - CERT

The purpose of the Computer Application Certificate is to develop industry relevant certification and technical expertise in computer technology and computer applications. Coursework in the Computer Application Specialist Certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science. Students should consult with the STEM Computer Science Advisor for proper course selection and advisement.

In addition to the courses listed below for this program of study, students must also complete ENG106 and MATH102 or higher.

Degree Requirements

The follow degree requirements are for the 2023-2024 Catalog. For other catalogs, please see Catalogs

Minimum of 33 Credit Hours

Certificate Requirements (21 credit hours)
BCIS1110 Intro to Information Systems 3
CS105 Introduction to Computer Science 3
CS112 Intrdctn to Operating Systems 3
CS121 Introduction to Programming 4
CS130 Introduction to Networking 4
CS220 A+ Essentials w/Practical Apps 4

Approved Electives (12 credit hours)
CS140 Computer Science I 4
CS215 Java Programming 4
CS245 Security+ 3
CS248 Web Design and Programming 3
CS261 Network Concepts I 3
CS267 Network Concepts II 3
CSA208 Microsoft Access 3
CSA217 Microsoft Excel 3