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Media Arts and Film Technology - AAS

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Media Arts and Film Technology is designed to prepare students with entry-level job skills in the media industry. The program focuses on the use of media technology as well as the basics of visual design and composition. The curriculum offers theory, research and hands-on experience with an emphasis on developing proficiency in the use of multimedia tools and computer software. Students interested in immediate employment in the film industry are encouraged to participate in the Next Generation Media Academy-endorsed Film Technology certificate below.

Degree Requirements

The follow degree requirements are for the 2023-2024 Catalog. For other catalogs, please see Catalogs

Minimum of 60 Credit Hours

General Education Core (17 credit hours)
Area I. Communications (3 credit hours)
ENGL1110 Composition I 3
Area II. Mathematics (4 credit hours)
MATH1215 Intermediate Algebra 4
MATH1220 College Algebra 4
Area III. Laboratory Science (4 credit hours)
Area IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)
Area V. Electives/Flex (3 credit hours)
BCIS1110 Intro to Information Systems 3

Concentration Requirements (27 credit hours)
COMM1130 Public Speaking 3
COMM2120 Interpersonal Communication 3
FDMA1260 Introduction to Digital Media 3
FDMA1515 Intro to Digital Image Editing-Photoshop 3
FDMA1545 Intrdctn to Digital Photography& Digital Imaging 3
FDMA1630 Principles of Design 3
MMC101 Intrdn to Mass Media Cmnctns 3
MMC135 Intrdctn to Digital Filmmaking 3
MMC161 Introduction to Film History 3
MMC295 Media Capstone 3

Approved Electives (16 credit hours)
ENGL2310 Intro to Creative Writing 3
FDMA2325 Intermediate Media Arts 3
MMC120 Screenwriting 3
MMC154 Intrdtn to Film Prodctn Workflow 3
MMC170 Film Crew I 3
MMC174 On-Set Production Techniques 3
MMC178 Location Production Techniques 3
MMC211 Media Ethics 3
MMC235 Intermediate Digital Filmmaking 3
MMC250 Mass Media Internship 3
MMC270 Film Crew II 12
MUSC1130 Music Appreciation: WesternMusic 3
THEA1110 Introduction to Theater 3
THEA1220 Beginning Acting 3