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School of Business


The School of Business is committed to being a preeminent program of business educational studies known for its emphasis in developing competent, qualified students who are prepared to pursue higher educational degrees and/or successfully enter the workforce with a diverse knowledge in business, state-of-the-art computer applications, and inspired judgment. The faculty and staff are dedicated in their collaborative efforts to create an environment for learning that inspires each student to succeed and lead a positive lifestyle.

The degrees are available with concentrations in accounting, business administration and general business allowing students to take specific courses in their area of interest. The School of Business also offers a business management certificate which is 18 credits and obtainable within two full time semesters. The courses in the degree programs at Luna Community College are patterned after the lower-division courses at universities so you will get the required general education courses, plus some basic business classes in principles of managing, human relations, marketing and principles of finance. Upon completion, you’ll be ready for a job as a manager in sales or retail, a project assistant or office manager, and more.

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting prepares graduates to begin or advance their careers in the business world. Core competencies are aligned with the New Mexico Collegiate Business Articulation Consortium (NMCBAC) with a wide range of interests including accounting, business, finance, information systems, management, and marketing. If the primary goal is to transfer, the student must learn in advance of the particular requirements of the intended school or university.

Table 2: Student Learning Results (Standard 4)
Table 7: Business Unit Performance Results (Standard 6)

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Amy Archuleta
Nicholas Bergan
Ronnie Ford
Tom Javarinis
Zuleika Ellis

Adjunct Faculty

Aaron Smith
Dr. Jamiel Vadell
Gary Thomas
Geoffrey VanderPal
George Ackerman
Rene Nasluchacz

Adjunct Instructor

Kimberly Regensberg