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Allied Health and Public Service


Created in 2022, the department of Allied Health and Public Service brings under one umbrella programs of study and faculty supporting students interested in entering the public sector.

Graduates of allied health programs provide support to health care administration and play a vital role in therapeutic and technological fields. Allied Health Professional like dental assistants, nursing assistants, emergency medical technicians, medical billing and coding worker support, aid, and increase the efficiency of the dentists, nurses, doctors, and other primary healthcare specialists. Starting in January 2023, Luna Community College is partnering with San Juan College to offer a Surgical Technology Program that can be completed here in the Las Vegas area (contact for more information).

Allied Health certificate and degree programs provide a strong theoretical and practical foundation preparing graduates to promote health and wellness, prevent disease, and handle ethical and legal issues. The diverse interdisciplinary curriculum instills students with critical thinking and applied skills and knowledge that will allow them to advance in their chosen career, meet societal and healthcare workforce needs, and interact with patients, families, and communities. The education obtained through the certificates and degree program enables students to pass state and national accreditation exams, secure employment, and/or pursue other degrees beyond the certificate and the associate degree.

The Criminal Justice program offers an associate degree and certificates in the areas of law enforcement, substantive law, court structure and process, and corrections as integral components of the criminal justice system. An emphasis is placed on the historical, psychological, sociological, and political aspects within criminal justice. To enhance the written communication and report writing skills of the student, the concept of writing-across-the-curriculum is utilized.

Luna offers a variety of psychology courses that are critical in preparing students for careers in health care and public service.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Course

AH105 Nursing Assistant Training 4

This course provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary by nursing assistants to deliver safe and effective care in an acute and log-term health care setting. The nursing assistant works under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse within the guidelines set by the institution and New Mexico Department of Health and Human Services Department certification guidelines. Offered as either a two-week or nine-week course, students learn CNA theory and clinical/skills. Upon successful completion of this course, the student is eligible to take the New Mexico Nurse Aide Certification Examination.

For registration information and course requirements, please contact Estelle Garcia at 505-454-5303 or email

Contact Information

Adjunct - Anatomy & Physiology

Jessica Snow
Natasha Lujan

Adjunct - Biology for Health Sciences

Chantel Rivera

Adjunct - Community Health Worker

Dawna Ortega

Adjunct - Criminal Justice

Crystal Medina
Jennifer Breakell

Adjunct - EMT

Allen Sanchez 505-454-5372 x1815

Adjunct - Health and Physical Education

Kristin Bogda

Adjunct - Microbiology

Beverly Penner

Adjunct - Nursing Assitant

Sybil Varela

Adjunct - Nutrition

Diana Bird

Adjunct - Nutrition & Medical Terminology

Sara Beil

Adjunct - Pathophysiology

Mariel Davis

Adjunct - Psychology

Chelsea Lucero
Kevin Lucero
Luisa Pacheco
Sierra Fernandez
Yzetta Martinez

Adjunct - Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Annette Painter

Adjunct - WLVHS - Medical Terminology

Robert Aragon

Admin Assistant II

Amberlyn Gonzales 505-454-5303 x1022

Dental Assisting Program Administrator

Gloria Pacheco 505-454-2528 x1814


Carol Linder 505-454-5387 x1404

Faculty - Allied Heath & Dental

Denise Fox 505-454-5382 x1813

Faculty - LETC Manager

Kimberly Baca 505-454-2540 x1150

Nursing Asst. Training / Adjunct

Clara Salm

Rough Rider Success Specialist-College Food Security

Crystal Western Ford 505-454-2527 x1806