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Allied Health Sciences


Overview - Allied health sciences are an essential part of the healthcare system. Graduates of allied health programs provide support to health care administration, and play a vital role in therapeutic and technological fields. A large portion of our country’s healthcare workforce is comprised of allied health professionals to include dental assistants, nursing assistants, emergency medical technicians, community health workers, and medical billing and coding workers. These allied health professions support, aid, and increase the efficiency of the dentists, nurses, doctors, and other primary healthcare specialist they assist.

The Department of Allied Health Sciences prepares its students to excel in their courses through theoretical learning and practical laboratory experience. The education obtained
through the certificates and degree program enables students to pass accreditation exams, secure employment, or pursue other degrees beyond the certificate and associate degree. Whatever interests or career goals students have in the healthcare field, the Department of Allied Health Sciences has a program that my peak their interest. The Department offers one associates degree and two certificates.

Luna Community College’s Allied Health certificate and degree programs provides a broad yet strong foundation in healthcare to prepare individuals to face such things as ethical and legal issues, and to promote healthcare and disease prevention. The programs within the Allied Health Department at Luna Community College are also designed to prepare graduates with additional knowledge, skills, allowing them to advance in the allied health profession; meet societal and healthcare delivery demands; and work in a variety of settings with diverse patients, families, and communities.

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